Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Organized Outfits for the Week!

I have always picked my kids clothes out the night before to help our mornings run smoother.  Recently, I saw clothing dividers on Pinterest for organizing kids clothes for the entire week.  I love this idea because it will take one more thing off our nightly routine!  I plan to pick their weekly outfits out on Sunday's when I have a little more time, instead of nightly when we are in the middle of baths, teeth brushing, story time, etc.  Summer just began so we won't be running around (as much), however, I think this will be the perfect time to start our new routine.  My oldest starts Kindergarten next school year *tear* so it is  important crucial we have a good routine in place.  Being late for preschool was one thing, being late for kindergarten is a whole new ballgame, and I just can't let my little guy down.   I get nervous just thinking about it.  So, to make sure I can sleep at night knowing we have a good morning routine in place, I created this system to plan the kids clothes for the week:

I bought these from Burlington Coat Factory when I as pregnant with my third child (he is now 3 months).  I have only been using three of the dividers in his closet, so the seven leftover worked out perfectly to use for this!
I just added some labels for the days of the week on the dividers.  Nothing fancy here, folks! 
Up close of the dividers. 
Then, I put the dividers on my rod in the laundry room (this actually is just a shower curtain rod I placed between two cabinets).  You could also set this up in their closets, but I wanted a space big enough that I could hang all three of the kids clothes together.   
Next, I grabbed 7 hangers for each child. 
Blue-my oldest son
Pink- my daughter
White- my youngest son
The next part was the fun part-picking out the outfits!  This took me a total of maybe 5 minutes to pick out all their clothes for the week.  I used clothes pins to clip the shorts to the shirt hangers to create the outfits.  I also ironed the clothes that needed it.  I normally would  iron their outfits for the next day at night, so doing all their ironing at once, will save me boat loads of time in the long run!  
I placed a basket below for all of  their socks and undies for the week!

This project took me a total of maybe 20 minuets from start to finish and it cost me nothing at all!   I organized their clothes on Sunday evening of this week and Monday was the first day we used our new system.  I have to say, I LOVE it already!  I really love having all their clothes in one place, so that I am not running around from room to room when its time to get dressed!  I know this will make mornings so much easier in our household!  Who knows, I might even add my own clothes to the rod each week! 

There you have it!  A smart and simple way to organize outfits for the week!

Would love to hear from you!  Do you have a system that works for your family to organize outfits?

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