About Me

Hi!  Thank you for taking time to read my blog!  I decided to start a blog to not only help keep myself and family organized, but also to share organizing tips that I have found work well for my family. I have three sweet and active kiddos.  If I don't stay organized, our home and our lives can become chaotic pretty fast. I definitely don't claim to be the most organized person in the world, nor do I want to be. I like a little unknown in my life, but I do want a happy home that runs smoothly. I don't want to waste precious time searching for items when I could be spending time with my family, which is what I love most!  

My home is not perfect.  I don't strive for perfection.  Being organized is not about perfection or keeping a spotless home; it's about having a plan in place to make your life easier and run smoother.  Homes should be comfortable and a place where you and your family can unwind and relax, not a place of chaos and stress.  

I plan to show you through this blog what works for our family, my current organization projects, and things I hope to accomplish.  I hope you will join me!

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