Friday, June 8, 2012

Organized First Aid Kit!

I thought I would start off with an organization tip from an incident that happened today.  My son and daughter were in the backyard playing, when my son came running through the back door crying that he had just been bitten by an ant on his foot.  I quickly ran into our laundry room and grabbed our first aid kit.  I put some After Bite cream on his bite and the crisis was over.  Happy kids = a happy mom!  Here is a quick look at our first aid kit:

I purchased a Creative Options Large Utility Box in the craft aisle at Wal-Mart for about $7.00.  I  moved the plastic dividers around so it would fit all my first aid items. 
Then I just popped in my first aid items!

I added a "First Aid" label to the outside of the box, and then placed it in the cabinet above my sink in the laundry room!

There you have it!  A smart and simple way to organize first aid items!

Would love to hear from you!  How do you organize your family's first aid items?

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