Friday, June 22, 2012

Organized Phone!

I love my cell phone-I really do!  It is kind of crazy to think how much I rely on that small piece of technology and how unorganized I would probably be without it.  Here are three quick and easy ways I use my cell phone to stay organized:

1.  I take pictures of things I want to remember!  

Things like:

Kids toy instructions (so I can throw away the paper version), 

my makeup (so when I am at the makeup counter it's not a guessing game to what color I use), 

my ink cartilage (so when I am at Target I can remember what kind I need), 

places in my home I want to decorate (so when I am out and find something I like, I can look at my picture to see if it will match the space), 

any medication I am taking (so when they ask me at the doctors office, I don't look at them with a blank stare), 

recipes and short articles from magazines (so I can throw away the magazine and just keep a picture of the recipes and articles I like), 

and the list goes on and on!   

*Never take a picture of any personal information that someone could use to steal your identify if they got  ahold of your phone.*   

2. Bloglovin app!  This free app makes it super easy to follow all of my favorite blogs!

3. Intuition app!   This app is like my own personal assistant (and it's free).  I organize just about everything through this app-my shopping lists, to-do lists, my calendar, etc.
There you have it, smart and simple ways to organize using your cell phone!

Would love to here from you!  How do you use your cell phone to make life easier? 

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